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    That step?  Use one or more of the words that trigger the Department of Homeland Security to monitor your blog or web site.  What might those words be?  There’s a list… and it’s such a great list! 

    So next time you want to talk about viruses and malware on the Internet, to encourage people to be prepared for hurricanes or tornadoes, to recommend traveling by Amtrak instead of having to go through a humiliating body scanner at the airport, or even to apologize for not blogging because of your miserable bout of stomach flu that came on from eating bad pork — get as many of these keywords in as you can!  Then you know that analysts at the Department of Homeland Security will be reading your blog.  More hits! More pageviews!  Maybe they’ll even click a banner ad or two!  After all, if you do this right, those fractions of pennies of ad revenue could really pile up.

    Welcome DHS! I guess you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now. 

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      I just read through the list of keywords they’re searching for, and of particular interest to me was that under the...
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      They’ve definitely been to my blog. I’m tempted to write a post that consists of every single one of these words. Maybe...
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      Welcome DHS! I guess you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now.
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      Remember to invite them for tea later. Have conversations with them, I’m sure they’re amazing, quirky people! Discuss...
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      Someone should make a super post and tag it with every single one of those. Comeonnn, take one for the team.
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