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    Aurora theater gunman in black entered and opened fire

    James Wilburn was sitting in the second row of Theater 9 after midnight, when the emergency door to his right opened and a man entered.

    “He was dressed in black,” Wilburn said, “Wearing a flack jacket and a gas mask.”

    The man was carrying a shotgun and had a rifle strapped to his back, Wilburn said. Then the man dropped a canister to the floor and a noxious gas spewed out. He raised the shotgun and repeatedly fired toward the back of the theater.

    Twelve people were killed and dozens more injured. A 24-year-old suspect is in custody.

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      I’m so glad my brother decided not to go. My heart and prayers go out to the families of the ones who lost their lives.
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      fuck guys =[ My hearts go out to everyone that was there. My poor Colorado just can’t catch a break
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      We’re having an awful summer in Colorado.
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      I know that this is old by now and the toll numbers are different, but…had to reblog anyway. I feel sick.
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      Nononono Why in Aurora. I was there for a month last year. I hope they are all okay. I’m really worried since they...
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      Why do people do this?
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