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    Like Mitt Romney, the world’s super rich are hiding at least $21 trillion offshore →

    CBS News“With about 55,000 inhabitants, the Cayman Islands should not be a well-known name in the rest of the world, but the tiny Caribbean territory has become famous as a tax haven for the world’s super rich. According to a new report, the Caymans – along with the other dozen or so international havens for wealth like Switzerland and Bermuda – are the holders of so much of the world’s capital, entire regional economies could be moved on it. The Tax Justice Network has just released a report estimating that the world’s tax havens house anywhere from $21 trillion to $32 trillion of money that governments cannot tax.” 

    It has been revealed that Mitt Romney keeps part of his fortune in all three tax havens mentioned above: the CaymansSwitzerland, and Bermuda. And he wants to be president.

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