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    (Republican Senator) DeMint claims Romney personally pledged support for pushing tea party agenda in first 100 days →

    South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, one of the most conservative Republicans in the U.S. Senate, says that if Republicans win in November, the tea party agenda will be the Republican agenda—and that Mitt Romney has personally pledged his support, even if it means he’d be a one-term president:

    “If we get the [Senate] majority and the White House, we have got to pass a budget that sets up the structure, through reconciliation, to repeal Obamacare by killing the mandate,” he says. He also wants to “totally redo our tax code,” put “Medicare on a sustainable course,” and “deal with Social Security.” But should Republicans win then stumble, “it’d be betrayal to our country.”

    “We need to do it in the first 100 days,” DeMint says. “[Mitt] Romney has told me, face to face, that he knows that he needs to get these things done right away. He is looking at this as a one-term proposition.”

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      Only in America and One-Party States do you have to choose between two Neo-Fascists… Romney’s just so much worse though....
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