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    Question Everything: Ann Coulter: Obama’s base is ‘stupid single women’ →


    Conservative columnist Ann Coulter on Wednesday said that President Barack Obama was campaigning with women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke because his base was “stupid single women.”

    At an campaign event in Denver with the former Georgetown University Law School student who Rush Limbaugh called a slut in March, Obama warned that GOP hopeful Mitt Romney’s policies on rights for women were “more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

    Romney has said that he would “get rid” of Planned Parenthood and “kill” the Affordable Care Act health law, which provides free contraception for women.

    “I think it’s probably a good sign that Obama is so desperate just to get the base Democratic voter — stupid single women — to vote for him,” Coulter told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday. “This is good news that he needs to lock up that part of the Democratic vote.”

    “He’s trying to get the stupid single women voter, which is the Democratic Party base,” Coulter repeated. “And I would just say to stupid single women voters, your husband will not be able to pay you child support if Obamacare goes through and Obama is re-elected. You are talking about the total destruction of wealth. It is the end of America as we know it.”

    “Great, you will get free contraception; you won’t have to pay a $10 co-pay, but it will be the end of America. Think about that!”

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    The end of America?

    Oh and she says you stupid single women won’t get your child support because of the ACA? What the fuck man, what planet does she live on? 

    Evidently one where every woman needs to be supported by a man and is stupid because affordable health care will make it where these poor helpless women won’t be able to be supported by a man because of cheap health insurance.

    Think about that.

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      Oh Ann Coulter. And I mean this as condescendingly as possible: Sweetie pie no
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      Oh, Ann Coulter. I think it’s so cute how you try so hard to stay relevant by saying any damn fool thing that comes into...
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      Ann Coulter is a man IRL.
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