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    I wonder how many drought-stricken farmers still want LESS government in their lives?

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The government will buy up to $170 million worth of pork, lamb, chicken and catfish to help drought-stricken farmers, the White House said Monday as President Barack Obama brought his re-election campaign to rural voters in Iowa. The purchase for food banks and other federal food nutrition programs is expected to help producers struggling with the high cost of feed during the worst drought in a quarter-century. Federal law allows the Agriculture Department to buy meat and poultry products to help farmers and ranchers affected by natural disasters.

    — AP News: USDA buys meat to help drought-stricken farmers

    If you’re a tea party farmer who is going to benefit from the USDA now, don’t take the money! Live up to your ideology and worry about the President’s birth certificate and gay marriage. Don’t be a hypocrite.

    Or if you decide to take the money, maybe you ought to take a closer look at who’s helping you out.

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