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How Much Money Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Raising Per Day / Per Hour / Per Minute


    How Much Money Is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Raising Per Day / Per Hour / Per Minute

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    Scott Walker mistakenly admits that he is a target in the John Doe criminal corruption probe →

    Walker, in a rare moment of candor, stated to reporters that he would not use the criminal defense fund to pay for the legal defenses of his aides, who have been charged with crimes ranging from child enticement, to theft from veterans and the families of fallen soldiers, to misuse of taxpayer resources to illegally campaign for Scott Walker, and would instead use the funds for himself or his campaign. Wisconsin law is very clear: an elected official can only establish a legal defense fund if they, or their agent, are under investigation for, charged with, or convicted of violations of Wisconsin’s campaign finance and election laws. Nothing provides for an elected official creating a legal defense fund for the sole purpose of campaign compliance, assisting the prosecution or aiding an investigation, as Scott Walker claims he is doing. Since he is not paying for the defense of an agent acting on his behalf, it is now clear that Scott Walker is under investigation. – Wisconsin Politics

    • “I have a police department that arrests felons. He has a practice of hiring them.” — Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett (D),quoted by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, bringing up an ongoing secret investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) aides in last night’s debate. via 
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    Forward: How We Can Help Recall Walker This Weekend →


    The recall election is a mere 26 days away and voter turnout will be key.  Here are just a few of the ways to help this weekend:  

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