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    It’s Official: Romney Will Proudly Stand With America’s Best-Known Birther →

    It’s Official: Romney Will Proudly Stand With America’s Best-Known Birther
    – At this point, I’m not really surprised by this news. More like a sort of weary disgust. A GOP presidential candidate openly courting a crazed conspiracy theorist who claims the first black President of the United States was actually born in Kenya. Good grief. And please note: Donald Trump is citing one of’s utterly moronic BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVES as evidence Obama was born in Kenya — the BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE that contained a disclaimer saying it was DEFINITELY NOT evidence Obama was born in Kenya. – Charles Johnson | LGF

    • Today Romney adviser Kevin Madden said the candidate disagrees with Trump, but would continue to campaign with him. “He’ll stand up next to Donald Trump and he’ll talk about why he wants to be president,” Madden said in an interview on MSNBC. “Any time the subject goes off of that, where it’s something where…Governor Romney would disagree, he’s going to make that very clear. Just as he has in the past, and he’ll do in the present, and he’ll do in the future.” – CBS News

    • THE COMPANY TRUMP KEEPS: Corsi: If Obama Wins, “People Like You And Me Will Be In Thought Education Camps — If They Allow Us To Live”  – On Thursday, WorldNetDaily correspondent and leading birther conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi appeared on 9/11 truther Alex Jones’ radio show to engage in yet another round of paranoid ranting disconnected from reality. Corsi appeared with Jones via Skype from Hawaii, where he is supposedly working with the “cold case posse” organized by Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio to investigate Barack Obama’s birth certificate… Corsi explained that he was “desperately” working on his stories because “if Obama wins, we do not have a First Amendment, we won’t have a Fourth Amendment, we won’t have a Bill of Rights, people like you and me we’ll be in thought education camps – if they allow us to live, our families will be destroyed, private property will be confiscated. People think this is radical. All the plans are laid out and signed in executive orders.”MMFA
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