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    Freshman Tea Party Republicans are dumbing down the Congressional gene pool →

    Such a surprise. Congress is collectively stupider, thanks to the Tea Party electing the dumbest politicians available:

    American Idiots: Congress Dumbs Itself Down One Full Grade Level: Congress appears to be getting collectively dumber. The Sunlight foundation analyzed Congressional speech and found that over the past seven years they’ve gone from talking like high school juniors to sophomores. While many factors account for the full-grade level drop off, the study found that the 2010 freshman class of Tea Party Republicans are partly responsible for spreading the stupid. As NPR points out: “Of the 10 members speaking at the lowest grade level, all but two are freshmen, and every one is a Republican.”

    How did they get voted in? Take a look at their constituency:

    Of course we should also recall the voters who DIDN’T show up in 2010 — they were so much smarter for helping this to happen, weren’t they?

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