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    Political extremism: Both sides do NOT do it →

    The rightwing and mainstream media will now begin their “both sides do it” arguments / hypocrisy — but the fact is: both sides DO NOT do it:

    Left wing “extremists” tend to damage property, or chain themselves to trees, or let animals out of cages, or chase whaling ships. No murder involved.

    Right wing extremists kill people to make a statement, such as doctors who provide abortions or government workers (i.e. Oklahoma City, IRS building in TX, and now a congresswoman talking with her constituents in AZ) or symbolic kills, like the murder of the security guard at the Holocaust Museum.

    It’s insulting to the American people for the GOP and the mainstream media to not denounce and reproach  the extreme rhetoric that passes for ‘Christian Conservative Patriotism’ in America today. Here are some examples:

    Before its scrubbed& Palins tweet in March/2010: Commonsense conservatives & lovers of America: Dont Retreat, Instead RELOAD! .

    • Before it’s scrubbed… Palin’s tweet in March/2010: Commonsense conservatives & lovers of America: “Don’t Retreat, Instead RELOAD!”
    • Michele Bachmann wants Minnesotans ‘armed and dangerous’ against Obama energy policy
    • Sharron Angle Floated ’2nd Amendment Remedies’ As ‘Cure’ For ‘The Harry Reid Problems’

    And the extreme rhetoric of Tea Party supporters!  (Many pics at LGF):

    Don’t forget the ‘patriots’ who started openly carrying their firearms to (Democratic) political rallies in 2009 — for the first time ever. What was the new message there?

    […] And you definitely don’t see left wing extremists hating the government, worrying about currency backed by gold and the ‘second’ Constitution (see 3:32), or targeting a Democratic Congresswoman and a federal judge for assassination (among many other innocents) at a grocery store.

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