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    Palin Robocalls Go To The Wrong State →

    The continuing saga of LOL Palin…


    Sarah Palin has recorded a robocall supporting Texas Republican Senate candidate Ted Cruz in a tight primary at the end of this month. But, as a columnist for the Topeka Capital-Journal writes, some of the calls have been going to voters in Kansas. 

    “Hello, Texas!” begins the call. “I’m Sarah Palin.”

    Palin, who endorsed Cruz earlier this month, calls Cruz “a true conservative you can trust to stand on principle and change the way Washington does business.” 

    Palin urges Texans to vote early through May 25, before the May 29 primary. Cruz is up against a number of candidates, including Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert. 

    (Reported by Pema levy)

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